About Us

About Us

About Us

Established in 1986, SaskTel International is a leading-edge software and professional services company providing solutions to communication service providers (CSPs) worldwide.  Our solutions help organizations drive efficiencies in their business and increase profitability.  SaskTel International leverages its unique relationship with parent company, SaskTel, who is an industry-leading CSP with over a century of experience, to provide proven products, services and strategies from an actual operating service provider. (note approved statement from 2017 press release) 

SaskTel International has completed projects in 40 countries across 6 continents. SI maintains a unique competitive advantage against other solution providers based on our relationship with SaskTel. SI has direct access to SaskTel knowledge, experience and resources which allows us to provide comprehensive services in managing and operating a communication services company. 

SaskTel International works with CSPs around the globe to provide strategic consulting, professional services, and BSS/OSS software solutions to overcome industry challenges.  SaskTel International is a fully owned subsidiary of a full-service telecommunications company, SaskTel, who has over $1.1 billion in annual revenue and 1.4 million customer connections.   

Through this partnership, SaskTel International provides proven solutions that work in a production CSP environment, while having access to a pool of 4,000 employees and subject matter experts for client engagements. 

Leader in Fiber Optics

SaskTel is a world leader in fiber optics which is evident through SaskTel’s key role in the largest construction project of the 20th century – helping install and test the communications system in the Channel Tunnel linking England and France. In 1984, SaskTel completed the build of what was then the largest fibre optics network in the world. Through the many “firsts,” successes, and achievements of SaskTel, SI has been able to acquire significant expertise and knowledge. SI takes this expertise and knowledge to support network and technology deployments around the world. 

Services and Consulting

The SI services portfolio includes consulting, design and deployment, support, system integration, managed services, certification, software development, resourcing, and training services. The services offered are a combination of SI and SaskTel’s knowledge and expertise.

The services performed by SI over the past 27 years range from managing the Tanzania Telecommunications Company to completing multi-year product implementations at one of the largest communication companies in North America. SI has completed assignments in geographic regions ranging from North America, to the Caribbean, to Asia, to some of the most remote regions of Africa. This includes regions of the world that would be considered advanced from a telecom perspective, as well as emerging regions. 

Software Solutions

The SI software product portfolio with solutions for CSPs OSS systems includes: 

  • Service and Resource Order Management, 
  • Service and Resource Inventory Management, 
  • Service and Resource Activation, and 
  • Incident and Problem Management. 

Our product suite focuses on the enabling and automating the core operations of any Communication Service Provider including mobile infrastructure, legacy copper infrastructure and fiber infrastructure. 

Trusted Partner

We stand behind a vision to lead the way in delivering innovative and leading-edge communication solutions on a global perspective.   The work we perform is a trusted partner to empower CSPs to deliver services through automation, in a cost effective manner with the best customer experience. 

Our extensive portfolio of software solutions and professional services assist service providers in meeting strategic objectives and overcoming industry challenges. Unique to the industry is our ability to leverage a one of a kind relationship as the subsidiary of a world-leading service provider.  A solid understanding of the industry and its challenges, and the ability to bring our clients proven market solutions developed in an actual operating environment is our unique ability which you can leverage as our partner.