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Fiber Solutions

FTTP at SaskTel

SaskTel Internationals Fiber Background 

In 1984, SaskTel, designed and constructed the world’s longest fibre optics network.  It was a 2,000 miles long fiber network however that was 200 times longer than the longest fibre network in the world at that time.  We consider that a pioneering innovation.   Other CSPs took notice and in 1986 SaskTel International was formed to partner with clients throughout the world as they embarked on fiber network builds.


  • First in North America to construct and design a long haul fibre network
  • SaskTel was one of the first CSPs to undertake a heavy brownfield buried build in North America.
  • 2002, 1st to provide IP over DSL
  • 2006, 1st to provide HDTV over IPTV on DSL
  • 2010, xxxx about FTTP home program
  • 2012, FTTP delivers 260 mbps to residential

SaskTel FTTP started in 2010 with a large aggressive fiber to the premise (FTTP) build, involving the key highlights:

  • Large geography covering over 651,000 sq km (that’s the size of XX)
  • Passed 300,000 homes
  • Activated over 100,000 connections
  • Invested over $670 million-dollars
  • Design and construction includes trenched, ariel, greenfield and brownfield
  • Operates in temps of +40 to -40

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The Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) program is SaskTel’s 14-year program to upgrade broadband facilities and bring a pure fiber optic network to the premise to residential and business customers.  We call it infiNET™.   SaskTel is deploying infiNET in nine major urban centres which we have passed 300,000 homes and connected over 100,000.

SaskTel already uses fibre optic technology in parts of the network to provide services like IPTV. However, the infiNET FTTP program will extend fibre optics right to our customer’s home or business.  Also, involved in this program is to turn down existing DSL infrastructure and replacing broadband facilities in these cities.

Currently SaskTel infiNET offers fiber broadband services with download speeds up to 300 Mbps and upload speeds up to 40 Mbps

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