Services Overview (New 2020)

Services Overview (New 2020)

Application Maintenance Service (AMS)

Mergers, acquisitions and global expansion are driving increasingly complex applications and database environments.  Integration to enable information sharing and address workflow requirements also increases complexity for application support and maintenance.  Businesses are continuously undergoing change to maintain competitive while meeting new market and operating demands.  Software enhancements must be implemented regularly to ensure software continues to support these needs.  Routine maintenance with experienced resources is required to keep systems operational.  All of these factors make it challenging for businesses to stay ahead, transform and continually modernize their portfolios.  Organizations today are seeking cost-effective options to free up IT resources and keep business-critical data safe and accessible.

SaskTel International’s (SI’s) application maintenance service (AMS) helps clients improve the management of their information systems through a combination of application support and enhancement services.  SI works closely with its clients to maximize IT investments, reducing costs related to application failures (break/fix) and increasing funds available for software enhancements.

With a strong history of software development and support, our best asset is our people.  SI’s team is comprised of individuals with deep IT experience, obtained through decades of real world implementation.  This experience positions the SI team to successfully manage and implement complex IT projects that are transformational in nature, turning a business’s IT platform into critical business tools that reduce risk and maximize opportunity.

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Proactive, Futuristic View

Manage your core business, application strategies and roadmap rather than the day-to-day management of your IT infrastructure.

Improve Your Performance

Increase quality of service and business performance with standardized processes and coordination of applications.

Reduce Your Costs and Add Value

Reduce costs on non-core management activities while generating more IT and business value.

What makes us Special?

100+ Years of Operating Excellence

Leverage the knowledge, experience, and expertise of a century old multi-play provider to grow your business, with less risk and uncertainties.

Engage Long-Term Optimization

As your business changes over time, we will ensure our solutions remain best fit, adapting with you.

Over 30+ Years of Software Experience

We consider our clients to be our partners and build long-term relationships to foster continued growth and success.

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SaskTel International Application Maintenance Service (AMS)