Services Overview (New 2020)

Services Overview (New 2020)

(Mobile) Application Development Service

When looking to optimize existing applications or adding additional applications to your portfolio, getting the correct solution is crucial. Having a provider with the proper experience in all types of application development services will help reduce implementation risk and ensure best fit. Now more than ever, people want to remain connected to their business outside the confines of the office. When resources are in the field or key business members are traveling, there is the need and the expectation to have similar functionality and access to information as if you were back onsite. Optimization of processes may be achieved through application enhancements, or integration between applications. Connecting with your customers through a mobile app or through web self-serve can streamline information exchange resulting in increased customer satisfaction or savings by deflecting calls to your call center.

SaskTel International’s (SI) mobile application solutions whether new or integrating into your existing applications, will provide that ease of access and enable users to be able to access information anywhere, anytime. SI’s mobile and business application development services with help transform a client’s IT platform, improving day-to-day business operations, enabling you to get the most value out of your technologies. With over 30 years of experience developing and supporting software, SI can add even more critical business tools to your disposal to maximize your company’s potential. Let SI expand your application capabilities!

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Maximize Your IT Investments

Get the most out of your IT investments with an optimized, efficient solution that improves operations.

Improve Your Performance

Increase the quality of service and business performance with standardized processes and coordination of applications.

Reduce Your Costs and Add Value

Reduce costs on non-core management activities while generating more IT and business value.

Why Chose SI?

100+ Years of Operating Excellence

Leverage the knowledge, experience, and expertise of a century old multi-play provider to grow your business, with less risk and uncertainties.

Long-Term Optimization Through AMS

In combination with SI’s application maintenance services, your application will continue to provide consistent, long-term value to their fullest potential.

Over 30+ Years of Software Excellence

We consider our clients to be our partners and build long-term relationships to foster continued growth and success.

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SaskTel International Application Development Service