Services Overview (New 2020)

Services Overview (New 2020)

Network Consulting Services

North American communication service providers (CSPs) and SaskTel’s infrastructure are quite similar to other operators. As a service provider, we advise other CSPs on techniques to sweat current network assets and extend their lifetime value. With the introduction of increasingly complex services, it is becoming fairly easy for a service provider’s network data to become messy and filled with inaccuracies. Without a clear picture of your network data, it becomes difficult to plan for future services and to manage finances effectively. This becomes a large problem because in the new competitive landscape, service providers need to have a solid understanding of their costs to maintain growth and increase profitability. We have experience with an extensive list of the latest technologies and have introduced some industry firsts. SaskTel International (SI) will share our experience with our clients so you can learn from our successes and challenges.

Services Offered

Network Planning & Design

Networks must be planned and designed to not only ensure service providers can deliver today but also proactively meet the often unrealized needs of the future.  Diligent preparation is essential, as missteps during this stage can have a detrimental impact upon the types and quality of services provided to customers.  The communications industry is one characterized by rapid change and development.  As the market has developed and evolved through advanced technologies and devices, so have individual’s expectations.  If CSPs cannot keep up with increased bandwidth demands without sacrificing quality of service, they risk losing business to others who can.

SaskTel International (SI) network planning and design service enables communication service providers to conceptualize networks that are consistent with their desired levels of capacity, coverage, cost, and quality of service. A focus is placed on establishing a network architecture built precisely to your requirements.  The end result is a network that meets the needs of both the operator and its customers and that is positioned for the future.  We have experience with an extensive list of the latest technologies spanning both physical and wireless networks.

Unique to SI is the ability to manage a project in its entirety from conception to completion. With firsthand experience from our parent company, SaskTel, SI can assist CSPs with consultation on the comprehensive design, engineering, build, and continued management of the network.  In addition, SI’s suite of next generation operations support system (OSS) software applications enable operators to realize further levels of optimization through the continued management of the network through fulfillment and assurance activities.

Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) Planning and Design

Communication service providers (CSPs) operate in a fast-moving and constantly changing industry. Bandwidth consumption is continuing to grow and customers are only demanding more – to be accessible all the time and everywhere, to have converged services and personalization. For CSPs it will be challenging to keep up with the pace and agility of the market, manage costs and other financial pressures, manage the continual transition of technology, remain competitive, continue to create the best customer experience, and meet the demand for growth of connectivity and bandwidth. FTTP is the technology that many CSPs are moving towards, with faster speeds than coax and copper. FTTP is built so that it can be expanded and improved upon.

SaskTel International (SI) can support all aspects/facets of a FTTP program from assisting CSPs in initiating a FTTP program to design, engineering, and construction management services. Drawing from nearly a decade of FTTP experience in both residential and business markets from our parent company SaskTel, SI’s skilled team brings an advanced level of knowledge to the complexities that are associated with fibre builds. Working in partnership with CSPs, SI identifies planning and design requirements to create detailed implementation plans. SI’s team has a demonstrated history of excellence in all aspects of physical plant, including aerial and underground installation achieved through excavation, plowing, and directional boring. In addition, SI has access to a pool of experienced resources including construction managers, industry-certified project managers, FTTP design engineers, and core network engineers who will complement CSPs existing teams to bridge potential gaps. SI’s unique experience can help you stay competitive in the global economy.

For more information on our fibre experience, download the SaskTel Fibre Case Study below.

5G Planning & Design

The introduction of 5G marks the next generation of wireless networks, providing increased bandwidth to satisfy growing consumer expectations. Although 4G LTE networks are being expanded and enhanced to provide high-quality experiences to the consumers of today, the inevitable introduction of 5G will dramatically enhance the network experience of tomorrow. As consumer behaviour continues to evolve via digital adoption and increased connectivity, service providers will have access to new market opportunities through the proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT). Seizing these opportunities is only possible if wireless networks can provide low latency and reliability to support new technologies. As this transition occurs, communication service providers are faced with a challenge: continue investing in the legacy 4G and transport networks or begin the transition to 5G, leveraging a converged network planning framework that incorporates wireless, transport, and fibre to the premises (FTTP).

SaskTel International works with industry-leaders and fast-followers to strategize and understand how 5G technology fits into existing network builds and passive optical network (PON) strategies. Through strategic consulting engagements, SaskTel International will assess network infrastructure to determine where your business can leverage existing infrastructure, where infrastructure could be replaced, and where infrastructure could be eliminated. SaskTel International will guide your business on the path to success with appropriate timing strategies and a plan to maximize investments, making the transition to 5G as cost-effective as possible.

For more information on how to prepare your business for 5G networks, download our Why 5G? information below.


Trusted advice

Gain access to trusted advisors that have decades of telecom industry experience sourced directly from a billion dollar revenue telecom, SaskTel.

Network Optimization

Discover new ways to improve your network to improve your business.

Reduce Risks

Establish a network architecture built precisely to your requirements for capacity, coverage, cost, and quality of service with a strategic partner that has worked on many turnkey network projects worldwide.

What makes us Special?

100+ Years of Operating Excellence

Leverage the knowledge, experience, and expertise of a century old multi-play provider to grow your business with less risk and uncertainties.

30+ Years Serving Tier 1 to 3 Clients Worldwide

Our solutions and services are trusted globally by telecoms of all sizes.

Experience in a variety of weather and terrain

Successful initiatives in diverse rural and urban areas as well as extreme weather conditions.

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