Services Overview (New 2020)

Services Overview (New 2020)

Operations Consulting

Today’s service providers are faced with the ever elusive struggle of containing costs while delivering increasingly complex services and providing a consistently higher level of customer service. To keep on top, service providers must continuously innovate to drive new levels of efficiency into operations, ensuring that they are optimally streamlined and incurring minimal cost. Unless properly addressed, inefficient operations can negatively restrict your business and ultimately, your ability to deliver.

At SaskTel International (SI), our operational consultants are experts, sourced directly from our parent company – SaskTel – a successful operating solutions provider.  Working closely with you, we identify your unique needs and challenges to build strategies to help you develop operational efficiency. Existing processes and operations are analyzed to identify gaps, areas for improvement, and new solutions to transform operations.

The result is optimized operations enabling a service provider to realize new efficiency, enhanced customer experience, and reduced operational expense.

Services Offered

Network Operations Centre Assessment

Businesses rely on communications networks for real time visibility into the operation and performance of key service-enabling elements. Incidents leading to downtime or a compromised quality of service lead to a negative customer experience.  The result is not only dissatisfied customers but potentially significant losses in revenue.  For service providers operating a significant network infrastructure, a network operations  centre (NOC) is a critical central component in overseeing operations and ensuring availability and high performance. A NOC serves as an enterprise’s ‘mission control’, providing visibility and management of a large network of equipment, information, or facilities. Most NOCs are staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. With a NOC in place, enterprises can adopt a proactive approach to monitoring network performance to ensure optimal operation and prevent service-affecting issues before they occur. Should an incident arise, a NOC enables real time visibility into the issue to support informed decision making and empower effective trouble resolution.

For an in-depth analysis of your operational capacities, SaskTel International’s (SI’s) network operational assessments provide a systematic consultation into the people, tools, processes, system elements, and infrastructure used to operate and oversee the network. Based upon this audit, SI strategically builds detailed design, implementation and operational plans for further enhancing the network environment. Leveraging SaskTel’s experience and expertise in operating an internal NOC to oversee its own network, SI can also strategically advise upon the design and implementation of NOC environments and evolution plans based upon best practice and proven methodologies.  SI has already conducted such assessments for a range of CSPs as well as utility and oil and gas providers.

Business Process Consulting

In an industry as quickly evolving as communications, communications service providers (CSPs) must be intentional and work toward ensuring that they are positioned to deliver and that operations and resources are running efficiently.  Some service providers struggle to find resources with the right skill set or gain training to maintain effective processes.  Putting new processes in place for new products/services, networks, operations, etc. can also be a challenge.

SaskTel International (SI) can help our customers to build new capabilities within their business and help customers set up their processes in order to grow their business in today’s market and changing industry.  SI leverages SaskTel’s expertise, resources and lessons learned to plan solutions for our customers.  This gives our customers direct access to resources who are immersed in successful Telco processes along similar lines of business or services where they can leverage our best practices.  Trusted advisors will analyze your processes, align them with service provider best practices, and understand your business needs. They will provide you with a plan to implement into your business that will optimize your processes and realize efficiency.


Business Process Improvements

Analyze processes and operations to identify gaps, areas for improvement, and new solutions to transform operations.

Become more operationally efficient

Build strategies to help you develop operational efficiencies.

Reduce Operational Costs

Innovate to drive new levels of efficiency into operations and reduce OpEx.

Why Chose SI?

100+ Years of Operating Excellence

Leverage the knowledge, experience, and expertise of a century old multi-play provider to grow your business with less risk and uncertainties.

30+ Years Serving Tier 1 to 3 Clients Worldwide

Our solutions and services are trusted globally by telecoms of all sizes.

Experience in a variety of weather and terrain

Successful initiatives in diverse rural and urban areas as well as extreme weather conditions.

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