Services Overview (New 2020)

Services Overview (New 2020)

Strategic Consulting

There is a lot to manage for today’s service providers. Increased competition, ever-demanding customers, and relentless market complexities force service providers to constantly adapt and evolve to remain competitive. Long term viability is dependent on the ability to optimize organizational components to deliver a high quality of service and customer experience, all while maintaining costs and controlling the bottom line.

With so many questions and unknowns, our portfolio of strategic services allows service providers to leverage our experienced resources and access the lessons learned from a billion dollar service provider.

Services Offered

Executive & Operations Management

Communication service providers (CSPs) are facing a large turning point in their industry; it has become important for them to transform their operations to remain competitive and to grown as a business. Many are trying to do it all but find themselves without the resources or the expertise, in-house, to do it. Developing partnerships and reaching out for professional services is becoming fundamental for CSPs to continue to grow financially and operate more efficiently in the competitive environment that exists today. By working together, companies are able to achieve things that they could not have done on their own.

SaskTel International (SI) has focused on this partnership model with our clients and that focus has made us more than just a vendor to them. SI makes our client’s business our business and through this mindset, we are now seen as trusted advisors and strategic partners. SI leverages SaskTel’s (our parent company) expertise, resources, and lessons learned to plan solutions for our customers. And, when our customers need resources, they can leverage SaskTel’s experienced resources when they are available. SaskTel has a pool of resources with decades of service provider experience. When there is a service opportunity, we go back to SaskTel and find the best person who is working in that role to serve as a consultant or be a full-time outsourced person who operates the function needed by our customer.

ICT Planning

As the boundaries between traditional telecommunications and information technology (IT) continue to blur, there is an increased interest in information communication technology (ICT) and the services evolving from the intersection of these two industries. Communications service providers (CSPs) have begun the transformation from being solely voice/data providers to a full-fledged connectivity partner for their clients. The move to offering new ICT services is the next strategic step for many CSPs in order to remain competitive. CSPs have identified ICT as a potentially lucrative new revenue stream and to prepare for the future CSPs must proactively invest in transforming their commercial, technical, and operational capabilities to align with the changing and emerging ICT needs of both consumers and businesses. The question for many CSPs is “What does my business need to transform and where do I start?”

SaskTel International (SI) can help you with your ICT planning and transformation. SI’s parent company, SaskTel, has gone through this transformation to become an ICT company, so you can leverage the expertise of someone who has been there before. SI will help you evaluate your traditional services portfolio and integrate new fully-managed solutions and application in your telecommunications offerings. SI will assess your company’s environment, products/services portfolios, marketing goals, limitations/challenges, ability to invest or partner, sales models, and more to identify new sources of revenue that will help transition your relationship with your customers from a vendor to a strategic partner. SI will provide you with a strategic ICT plan and roadmap that your company can use to take action on becoming an ICT company itself. SI is a trusted advisor who can provide you with options to consider and a plan to move forward with. Changing your services and business models is the key to future successes as customer expectations become increasingly accustomed to living a digital life.


Overcome Industry Challenges

Leverage the knowledge of a communication service provider (CSP) with over a century of experience.

Generate new revenue streams

Establish new business models and discover new revenue streams.

Personal Trusted Advisor

Use SaskTel International (SI) as a trusted advisor who can provide you with options to consider and a plan to move forward with.

What makes us Special?

100+ Years of Operating Excellence

Leverage the knowledge, experience, and expertise of a century old multi-play provider to grow your business, with less risk and uncertainties.

30+ Years Serving Tier 1 to 3 Clients Worldwide

Our solutions and services are trusted globally by telecoms of all sizes.

Experience in a variety of weather and terrain

Successful initiatives in diverse rural and urban areas as well as extreme weather conditions.

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